When it comes to fiberglass, a Viking Pool is the cat's meow. Viking Pools has been at the pinnacle of prefabricated fiberglass pool manufacturing since 1975. Now, with over 50 styles and dimensions in millions of custom color choices, they are sure to have a pool or spa that will fit your backyard and provide years of enjoyment. Viking Pools uses four distinct layers and a unique process to build their pools to be the strongest and longest lasting in the industry. This allows Viking to offer a 20 year warranty on the surface, and a lifetime warranty on the structure of all their pools: The longest warranty in the industry.

Viking Pools are extremely environmentally friendly pools. Being fiberglass, they have fairly smooth surfaces, so algae has a harder time clinging to the walls so fewer chemicals are needed to keep the water clean and balanced. One piece construction removes the risk of chemicals leeching out through the wall, and the fiberglass acts as an insulator, so the heater works less to keep the pool warm. Viking Pools also offers many features to make your backyard unique and your swimming experience enjoyable for a long time. With features such as LED or fiber optic lighting, automatic cleaning systems, cascading waterfalls, custom tiles and mosaics, and Kailedo-Center colors we can help you build a pool to fit in with any style, design, and plan.

A vinyl liner pool is truly customizable. They are built with solid steel wall construction and lined with an exquisite patterned vinyl liner by Plastimayd. The modular design allows us to construct these pools to virtually any size, shape, and depth. Adding many of the modern amenities of pool design, vanishing edges, swim outs, adjoining spas, swim jets, etc lets us create a pool that satisfy your backyard dreams.

Plastimayd liners provide us with the highest quality vinyl liners available with excellent warranties and long lives. By using computers to design and engineer replacement liners, Plastimayd can manufacture liners that will fit perfectly in your pool and provide you with a lot more swimming fun. Backed by a ten year warranty, Plastimayd liners are among the finest. Please contact us for more information.