Preference Pools has teamed up with HotSpring spas to bring you the world’s number one selling brand in portable spas. HotSpring manufactures their spas using the highest quality materials and components and builds them to exact specifications for your ease of mind and comfort. HotSpring is one among the highest energy efficient brands out there with many environmentally friendly features that help keep a low environmental impact.

HotSpring’s many features excel them to the top of the market in portable spas. With their comfortable contemporary shells and customizable lighting in variety of colors, they allow you to change looks at any time for any occasion. The Everwood® synthetic cabinet creates a natural wood appearance with little maintenance and high durability for years. Combined they offer you the most luxurious and elegant spa, perfect for your home.

Inside you will experience features found on no other spa, including soothing water features, exclusive jets, a no-bypass continuous filtration system, the No-Fault heater, and the ACE saltwater system or EverFresh system for worry-free maintenance. These and other features provide you with more enjoyment with less worry about the care and cleanliness of your spa.

Our featured spas include:

Get caught up in the Limelight’s sleek, flowing curves - from top to bottom, from pillows to jet recesses, to seating these hot tubs are the pinnacle. Relax in brilliant color as the multi-facetted lighting illuminates the cascading water fall and dances across the pearlescent shell. Outside, clean, modern lines show off the elegant low maintenance Elmwood™ simulated wood cabinet.

The dynamic features of the Limelight by HotSpring will make it the best seat in the house. Strikingly innovative - with a brilliant lighting arrangement, dazzling backlit waterfall, stainless steel hydro massage jets and a dynamic optional music system. And Limelight Hot Tubs are extremely energy efficient with fully-foamed cabinets. With the addition of the ACE Salt System or EverFresh system, your water will look and feel as good as your hot tub looks.

Our featured spas include:

Hot Spot Spas by HotSpring bring you comfort and relaxation in an attractive package that is always ready for you. Hot Spot offers luxurious hydrotherapy and enjoyment at an affordable price. Relaxing in a Hot Spot spa means you have a chance to unwind after a hard day at work or enjoy the company of family or friends. And because it is made by Hot Springs, you know it has high quality components and design just for you.

Hot Spot spas offer efficient, easy to use systems, water that is always hot and ready, and comfortable seating. With a Hot Spot spa you don't have to work to keep the spa looking beautiful and feeling wonderful on sore, tired muscles. Comfortable seating helps you relax while the jets give you a luxurious massage.

Our featured spas include:

Fantasy Spas are as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4! 

1. Set it Up.

2. Fill it up.

3.Plug it in. 


Fantasy spas are 115v plug-in ready; requiring no additional electrical connections. Fantasy Spas are easy to maintain. Constructed of technologically advanced polymers, the unicast shell is beautiful, but RokSolidT™ - virtually impervious to the elements.

As the years go by you'll appreciate the low operating costs resulting from Fantasy Spas' intelligent engineering. The walls of each spa are completely filled with polyurethane insulation to provide maximum efficiency and strength.Fantasy spas bring you comfort and relaxation in an attractive package that is always ready for you. 

Our Featured Spas Include: