Your best source for help is always Preference Pools & Spas, your local BioGuard dealer. Take a water sample of your pool water into the store for a free analysis and treatment plan.

BioGuardĀ® products are divided into five simple categories and clearly display what you need for your pool. Each is color coded for quick identification. Your BioGuard pool care expert will recommend which product will suit your pool's requirements.


Products used to maintain a high quality swimming environment. These include sanitizers, balancers and shocks.

  • sanitizers
  • balancers
  • shocks


Products for enhancing swimming pool water or making pool care easier. These include clarifiers, filter aids and Stow Away.

  • clarifiers
  • filter aids
  • Stow Away


Products that solve specific pool situations including curative algicides, scale and metal products, flocculants, Anti-Foam and Chem Out.

  • curative algicides
  • scale and metal products
  • flocculants
  • Anti Foam
  • Chem OutĀ®


Products for the prevention of specific pool situations such as preventative algicides.

  • preventative algicides

Off Season

Winter care for your pool during the off season.

  • winter care