Vinyl Liner Pools

Pacific Pools
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A vinyl liner pool is truly customizable. They are built with solid steel wall construction and lined with an exquisite patterned vinyl by Plastimayd, manufactured right here in Oregon. The modular design allows us to construct these pools to virtually any size, shape, and depth. Spice it up by adding modern amenities of pool design; vanishing edges, swim outs, adjoining spas, and swim jets, to name a few. We will create a pool that satisfies the wildest or mildest of your backyard dreams.

Plastimayd liners provide us with the highest quality vinyl liners available with excellent warranties and longevity. By using computers to design and engineer replacement liners, Plastimayd can manufacture a liner to perfectly fit your pool and provide endless swimming fun. Backed by a ten year warranty, Plastimayd liners are among the finest.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or visit Pacific Pools’ website for more information. Visit Plastimayd to view the most current pattern collection for liners and replacement liners.